I have clone dvd, can i get an upgrade to do bluray?

how do i copy bluray, can I upgrade clone dvd?

do you need a special drive to burn bluray?

CloneDVD will not work on blu ray movies. It is designed to compress dvd-video only. There are some other options, including a free program called BD-Rebuilder. You’ll also need a decryption/ripping program for blu ray, since BD Rebuilder doesn’t have one. Most people use either AnyDVD HD or some version of DVDFab. DVDFab HD Decrypter will do this for free, though it is not updated as quickly as the commercial versions.

It is possible to compress a blu ray movie to fit onto a single or double layer dvd, but you will need some type of blu ray drive to read the original blu ray movies. Some people just get a cheap blu ray rom drive, then burn to dvds on their normal dvd burners.

But if you wish to burn to blu ray blank disks, you’ll need a blu ray burner.

if i get a cheap bluray drive and compress bluray to dvd will i lose much quality?

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Compressing blu ray to fit dvds is going to lose some quality. There is no way around that. But the results can be quite good…you’ll just have to watch the movie to see if you like the output. Going to DVD9, double layer dvds, will be much better obviously.

By the way, the normal output from BD Rebuilder is still blu ray video (AVCHD compliant). You would need a blu ray player to play them back, or play them on a drive in the computer using software that is capable of playing blu ray video. It is possible to use BD Rebuilder to output as dvd-video, but the results will be standard definition video and that reduces quality quite a bit.