I have Broadband!

I have Broadband!!!


LOL congratz dude :slight_smile:

what kind of connection btw?

I have currently two connections… Cable and DSL :smiley:

wooooooohoooooooooooo, now we have a super fast, super connected Womble.

I have two fiber LAN lines but to make 10% use out of them can easily torture HDDs. I need 64TB flash memory. :slight_smile:

Damn! :smiley:

Great! I suppose you will be very busy next few days downloading **** loads of stuff? ;o)

I reccomend revconnect…

p/s My connection is very soon gonna a a 10 mb! can’t wait!

edit: man I need sleep my English is very bad…

Wanna try some HD-captured South Korean TV drama collections for speed tests? It’s legal here as long as South Korean legal authorities are concerned and sending them to Andromeda or over the Pacific can’t be wrong. :slight_smile:

It is very good news, Bomble. Hopefully, you will frequent CDF “broadbandadly” now on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, welcome to the broadband club :).

BTW what’s the best way to accurately benchtest a broadband connection speed? My ISP claims 4.000/0.384 Mbps down/up, but at this popular test site, it’s only ~2.331/0.258 Mbps.

I use this one

Thanks - that’s way different:

Direction Actual SpeedTrue Speed(est)
Downstream…3317 Kbps (414.6 KB/sec)…3582 Kbps (inc o/h)
Upstream …254 Kbps (31.8 KB/sec)…274 Kbps (inc o/h)

… and a bit more like it.

This high speed connection to womble’s incredibly large brain has overloaded my grey matter. I must now curl into the fetal position, rock back and forth and suck my thumb.

Congrats Womble!!! I hope the whole system isn’t brought down by your advanced neural net. With great power comes great responsibility!!!


Holy crap. I’ve been drinking too much. Two attempts at editing this and it still sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thewomble also has BROADBAND. wireless and cable…How did I mange with dial-up?

i bet if you’re lucky you may have running water in 10 years :slight_smile: :iagree:

j/k :flower:

No we have found out how to keep it in pipes, not in open canals where people boat, piss in etc. Probable the only safe water YOU drink is to have the bugs etc killed by adding whisky to it and then that comes from Scotland.

My ftp. :bigsmile:

Since it’s nearly 11 AM on Saturday, traffic in this apartment seems a little heavier than usual. In addition, my OS HDD had only about 0.5GB free space out of 160GB. Tested by speed test program by speed.nca.or.kr of National Computerization Agency. This site also posts daily “internet weather” conditions by region, ISP, date, etc. Data based on thousands of user tests done like the one above.


The longest one is what I’ve been using since May 2003.

Inchon City

Busan City

Seoul City

Red bar = Today, download speed
Green bar = Today, upload speed
Blue bar = Yesterday, download speed
Yellow bar = Yesterday, upload speed

Vertically listed are ISP names. Slow ISP’s are all either cable or ADSL (4Mbps to 10Mbps), fast ISP’s are fiber LAN or power line LAN. VDSL’s are somewhere in the middle.


25 ISP’s are listed. KT is largest.

so does this mean that Womble will be around more…or not?

good 4 you! :slight_smile:

Ah so now we don`t need to say that “Link Not Womble-friendly” …oki Noted :slight_smile: :smiley: