I have an idea

So here’s the scenario a DVD movie that is the wrong region, what can I do?
Well I think this may work how about using a progrma like DVD to AVI to create an AVI on your PC.
Then use AVI2DVD to make it into a dvd but set the region for NTSC instead this time then burn it.
Presto easy way around region problems.
I just need someone knowledgable to verify that this could actually work or let me know if there is a program out there that will do this already.

but when the movie is from another region, you can’t convert it to avi either…

but if you get a programs that bypasses region checking, you can do whatever you want, play or rip… and then there will be no need to convert to avi…


DVD Decrypter > DVD Shrink > Re-author w/ only the movie > Compress w/ all regions checked > Nero

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Or grab DVD Region Free which makes the software players region free to begin with and kills copy protection. Then you can use either Nero Recode 2 or CloneDVD to run a backup of the movie. Never had a problem with this method at all. :slight_smile:

Are you talking about making the DVD region free? then the answer is above from Stoner

Or changing the disc from PAL to NTSC? Have a look at this