I have an 8.24 Gig Image file - how can i convert it to a dvd?

It’s an image file, and I wanna burn it as a .vob ( dvd ) file, so I can play it on a dvd player…
I have Nero 7.8.50
I dont wanna lose any quality either…what would you guys suggest ? :bow:

If it is an image file of a dvd movie, you can burn it to a dual layer disk without losing any quality at all. Burn with ImgBurn and let it set the layer break correctly. Nero may or may not do that correctly.

Only use Verbatim dual layer disks, preferably made in Singapore rather than India.

If you want to burn to single layer disks, you will either have to split it into two parts or compress (and thus lose quality). Some programs that can split the dvd can access the ISO directly, others will need the ISO mounted in a virtual drive. Nero 7 suite has a tool called Nero Image Drive, which can be used to set up a virtual drive.

DVDShrink can access the ISO by hitting Control I. You can then use it in ReAuthor mode, and use the Start/End Frame tool to cut the movie into two sections. Look at the Split DVD guide at www.dvdshrink.info

If your ISO is something other than a dvd movie, you’ll have to let us know what is in it. Avi files, for example would have to be converted to mpeg2 and authored into dvd format.

thanks for the info - i downloaded Imgburn.

Why should I use Verbatim brand …? Why not use this …

Will my dvd burner be able to burn dual layer disks ? how can i tell ?

Dual layer disks are relatively expensive, so you shouldn’t buy mediocre media. The only reliable disks we have available are made by Mitsubishi and sold primarily under the Verbatim brand.

Most of the cheaper disks use the inverted stack method of manufacture. And many, many people are reporting problems burning them. Those Memorex disks you linked are not going to be a good bet at all. Do a search on dual layer disks here at cdfreaks and you will hear the same thing repeated endlessly. We have questions, complaints and horror stories about cheap dual layer disks every day. Might as well set fire to your cash and save the trouble of shipping.

Nero 7 suite has a tool called Nero InfoTool. It will show you all the types of media your burner is capable of burning. Here is an example of what it will show:

wow, thanks for the info …I really appreciate it. I’ll buy the verbatum brand at futureshop instead.

I also have clone dvd 2 - it seems to have some sort of image reader that can convert to dvd…not sure if it’ll work tho.


heres what Nero gives me - so it looks like i can burn dual layer dvds.

ps - how exactly do i set imgburn to burn dual layer - i see a lot of options, but its not obvious.

Imgburn burns dual layer automatically but you just want to make that ‘calculate optimal’ is checked under the ‘write’ tab for the layer break.

I just wanted to thank you guys very much for the help.
I installed Imgburn, bought the verbatum dual-layer dvds, and successfully burned my image files to a dvd movie.
The image quality is much better then my usual burning onto 4.7 gig single layer dvd+r !

I’ll be using this method a lot in the future ! :bow::bow::bow: