I Have a TSSTcorp - Get a New Burner?

I’ve been burning CDs for myself and friends using a TSSTcorp CDRW/DVD TSL462C that came with my Dell laptop. I have not had any problems so far. I have not noticed any pops or clicks on the discs.

I would like to start trading and want to know if a new burner would be recommended. In other words, would there be a difference in the quality of the discs with a better burner? If so, why? The obvious answer would be to stick with what I’ve got until I notice any problems, but I’m new at this and don’t really know if there would be a difference in the quality of the discs I burn with a better burner. I just want to make sure that the discs I burn are the best they can be. Eventually I’ll be burning DVDs and will definitely need a new burner then. But for now, should I get a new burner?

I already know about the difference in quality of CDRs. I’m currently using FUJIs made in Japan.

I’m using Exact Audio Copy to rip to the HD and Burrn to burn the CDs. I’m also starting to use Nero more. I’m not sure if that’s relevant. I just wanted to let you know I have all of that down.

Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you’re just burning CDRs for the moment, I’d stick with the drive you have until your requirements change.

You’re using good (Made in Japan) media, and Burrrn is an excellent program to use :iagree:…you don’t say what speed you’re burning at, but I’d recommend 16x for audio. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response.

I’ve burned at different speeds and cannot tell if there is a difference in quality. Some people claim that it is better to burn at lower speeds in the 4x to 8x range. Is burning at 16x better in regards to the quality of the CDs or is it just faster?

I find 16x seems to be just right, at higher speeds some have experienced pops etc in their music.

Never tried at lower speeds because 16x seems to be the sweet spot (for me, at least). :slight_smile:

Thanks, Arachne

As a followup, is there really that much difference in quality between the brands of burners as far as just burning CDs? Unless I see some negative comments here, I’ll assume that my TSSTcorp is not considered a bad choice?


Yes, there is. The difference is not only between brands, it is even between models of the same brand.

Unless I see some negative comments here, I’ll assume that my TSSTcorp is not considered a bad choice?
I can’t judge about that drive, but if you are happy with it, then there is no reason to replace it. Also, changing a notebook drive isn’t trouble free. If you think, your drive is not good enough anymore, then you may consider getting an external drive, provided your notebook computer is equipped with USB2.0 ports.


Thanks, Michael

Yes, I’ve considered an external drive - maybe a Lite-On EZ Dub. I’ve also considered just using my desktop to burn so I can get a less expensive drive.

I’m going to look into using software like CD-DVD Speed to test my burns. I’ll have to find out if it works with my drive and also how to interpret the results. I’m not sure if that’s really necessary as long as I can’t tell the difference. I just want to do it out of curiosity.