I have a Sony DW-Q30A



Im wanting to burn disks as lower than 4x.ie 2.4x or 2x.i burn using nero 7 or dvd dycrypter or alcohol.i have updated the firmware to yys6 as before it only burned 8x discs at 8x.now it gives me the option of 4x 6x or 8x so i must be close.could anyone help with a step by step guide please as im not great with pc but if i have a step by step i get there cheers michael :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You want to burn dvd slower than 2x. For what sense and reason??

If go go the “console backup” way - stay away from the “must-burn-that-slow myth”. It’s stupid and just a myth.


Backing up my xbox original games im told the slower the better some media works better than others and i found the slower speed work better.but can only find 8 x media


Then use the best 8x media you can find and burn them at their rated speed, eg. 8x.

Use Verbatim or TY media.


Thank you will try these out ps not to sure what ty is but i have a look round see if i can find out thanks again


Do the ones you’ve backed up play OK in your XBox?

I assume your Xbox is modded in some way & that you are backing up using the ftp route.

Chef is correct about the burn speeds & media IMO.

Some others disagree with what he & I would say & do support the slow for quality route. All I can say is that with quality media then rated speed works very well for me.

ImgBurn (development of DVD Decrypter) would be the best choice as the burning app, I wouldn’t attempt this with Nero.


some work and some dont the one that worked best woer the phillips dvd rw 1-4 but at a £1 each the next best were datawrite red 4x the ones it didnt like were arita pink 8x ridata 8x very fussy over dvd- even though its a samsung in my xbox.
xbox is modded and am backing up using the ftp route.
i will try better media.
all my friends cheap media work great on my xbox the stuff he gets at car boot.
il give ImgBurn a try thank for all your help


I Test All My Stuff Before I Post. I Suggest People Do The Same
Now I Just Used ImgBurn For UnderWorld Backup Good, But Will Not
Play In The Xbox