I have a "slight" writing problem

I have a Sony DVD RW DW-U18A internal writer and a HL-DT-ST RW/DVDGCC 4481B internal reader in an IBM desktop.

Up until now I’ve have a great success inserting the movie in the reader and a blank SONY DVD-R disk and let it go. I must add that it use a Disc Title Printer before I create my copies. It would read and then switch to the writer and continue until the music says it’s is finished. Never a problem…perfect copies every time. BTW, I’m using newest AnyDVD,CloneDVD and Sony DVD-R blanks (single levels). Recently, I ran into a problem.

I recently ran into a problem. The original would be read and upon switching to the writer the screen would display the normal “erasing” message and then stop. Nothing would happen. It just locks up. I would shutdown after forcing the machine. Then restart. Nothing.

I went back to the old way of copying … using only the writer to copy and write. Some success. Now it won’t even do that. I just reads and then after asking for the blank, it quits.

Please, any suggestions? Could it be the new stack of disks? Could the writer have quit? I have downloaded the new Clone program several times just in case it was the problem. No help.

Thanks for any help.
E.T. :sad: :sad:

Well dear fellow Forum’ers:
I have found the problem. I opened another stack of Sony disks and ploped one into the burner and Pre recorded - DVD in to player, and Success! Not once, but twice. So, my venerable Sony disks are not immuned from bad media.

Lesson learned.