I have a qustion about a plextor dvd burner

I am thinking about buying the Plextor PX-740A Internal IDE 16x DL DVD±R/RW Drive. I was wondering if that DVD burner is good for backing up DVD’s?

Get the BQ 1650, PIO 111 drives

It’s pretty good, since it’s really a BenQ 1640 with the Plextor name slapped on it. But, it is generally more expensive than the BenQ drive it’s based on, and BenQ’s 1650 is now available, so the fact that you’re paying more for older technology is a bit of a negative. And, as etp recommended, the BenQ 1650 is a great choice.

If it would be a Benq, I would go for the 1650.
If it would be a Pio, an 111 would be the one, without doubt.

to DL= pio 111, to not DL= BenQ 1650