I have a quick question, hopefully someone can help

Hello all!

I’m new to the whole dvd burning thing, and I recently got a new computer that came with a multispeed dvd burner. I bought some HP DVD-R’s 16x. They seem to burn fine, I can view the video on my computer when I put the disc back into the drive, but when I test it out on my Magnavox DVD player, it tells me there was an error, and it cannot playback the file. I’ve done some research and I’ve found that maybe burning them at a slower speed [2x, 4x] would work better, but does this mean I have to purchase DVD-R’s that are 2x and 4x aswell, to go with the 2x or 4x speed, or can I use my 16x? I don’t want to continue wasting my DVD-R’s, but if it’s pointless to continue to burn them, I’d like to know before I spend a couple hours trying to figure this out on my own, ya know? Can someone tell me what could possibly be the reason I’m having issues, and what I could do to fix it. I really have no clue about this stuff, only what I’ve gathered from reading off websites. which for all I know, I could be misconstruing what it is they’re actually saying. So if anyone could shed some light onto my issue, it would be greatly appreciated! :bigsmile:

Hi Vanity Deity, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

There’s a persistent myth that burning DVDs at the slowest speed possible will result in the best possible quality. This myth is not true.

You’ll usually get best results at medium speeds, and you’ll almost never go wrong by burning at 8x on a modern desktop DVD burner, or 12x with some 18x/20x rated DVD burners.

If you tell us the make and model of your DVD burner, perhaps we can give you more specific advice.

For even better results than your HP 16x DVD-R media, you might want to consider getting some Verbatim media in the future, which are generally the most widely compatible and consistent media you can get in normal stores (There’s also Taiyo Yuden media if you want to buy from on-line shops).

I would love to tell you the make and model of my burner, and this is going to sound silly but… I haven’t the foggiest clue how to find that information out for you. So if you know how I can access that information, I’d be more than happy to tell you. I’d just like to be able to burn dvds is all, and it’s a pain in the rear end that I’m not able to.

If you open your CD/DVD burning program, it will usually show you a name and model number for the drive(s) you can burn to.

If you can’t figure out how to do that in your usual CD/DVD burning program, you can download the free Nero CD-DVD Speed utiliy here, unzip the executable file, start the CDSPeed.exe program, and look at what it says in the white drive box (see example below).

It says… HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4020B A105

I hope that helps you, because it looks like a bunch of jibberish to me!

Perhaps you could tell us what make and model number is the Magnavox player, and also which type of file you are burning to the disc (.avi, DVD-Video, .mpg, .mpeg, etc)…

Meanwhile I’l transfer this to the Newbie forum, since you are starting off in a fairly specialised section of CD Freaks.

Edit: OK done.

The model of my Magnavox is MWD200F, and I’m trying to burn a .avi file to the disc. I apologize, imkidd57 for you having to move my thread. I’ll be more careful where I post from now on.

You have an LG GMA-4020B drive, which is a 4 year old 2x DVD-R burner.

Your old drive doesn’t know how to burn recent 16x and 8x certified media in an optimal way, so it just uses a default “writing strategy” which may or may not produce good results.

I would suggest you get a more recent DVD burner, which will produce (much) better results with modern DVD media.

If that’s not an option, you could try some verbatim DVD media instead, which might work better at a slow burning speed with default write strategy. There’s no guarantee, however.

So… Unless I get a newer DVD burner, my chances aren’t very good at producing decent videos? Kind of defeats the purpose of making a DVD burner with such little capabilities then, doesn’t it?

.avi files can be anything, but ususally it is a movie file with mp3 audio compression and some sort of mpeg video compression. Most people call it divx files. Most modern standalone dvd players can handle divx files without any problem because they have a chip inside that can decode such files.

Then there’s the setup of the dvd disc itself. DVD discs can be data (just a bunch of files) or a specific format such as the DVD-Video format. These files are mpeg compressed files in a specific setup (VIDEO_TS directory, .IFO and .VOB file schematic).

I don’t know how you wrote the .avi file on the dvd-disc, but it can be one of the following:

  • You made a data dvd with the .avi file on it
  • You told your software to recode the .avi file to the dvd video format (this is called transcoding) and written a disc with the video schematic.

Can you read your written disc in the dvd writer of your pc. If so, what is the schematic? Is it a video disc or a data disc. Can you play the movie on your pc without any problem?

Only testing can tell, but IMO it’s easier to just buy a more recent DVD burner compatible with the DVD media you can buy now.

My other suggestion is to try with some Verbatim DVD media as mentioned above.

Kind of defeats the purpose of making a DVD burner with such little capabilities then, doesn’t it?
Your drive was made early on in the history of DVD burners, and a lot has happened since then.

EDIT: Or your problem can be related to the video format as explained by Mr. Belvedere above. Why didn’t I think of that? :doh:

My advice about a new DVD burner and other DVD media still stands, even if the problem turns out to be the video format. :slight_smile:

I have no clue how to check how I burned it. All I know is I’m use to burning regular mp3 CD’s, so naturally, I did it the same way. Popped in a blank DVD-R, added the movie file, and hit burn. When I put the disc back into my drive, it comes up like I’ve always seen my audio CDs to do, “what action would you like to perform” and I select to play it with DivX,['cause as you guys know it can’t be played in WMP] and it works just fine. But I think I probably do have it like it’s just data. I don’t know how to go about doing it correctly when I’m not familiar with the programs I have. It’s kind of touch and go, trial and error. I did take your advice, DrageMester - I looked up prices on new DVD burners. I’ll get one here soon, but for now, I’d like to try and see if I can find a solution that can work for the time being with what I got. Be it a crappy DVD burner.

i seriously doubt you need a new writer to solve this issue. (Sorry drage :slight_smile: )

You just need to learn some things about various writing and reading schematics. There are plenty of tutorials in this forum, but the best start is to understand what the programs you use are actually doing for you.

From what i can understand of your current method of writing, it just makes data dvd’s, not video dvd’s. Your magnavox player probably cannot understand divx files.

If you can work out this problem without a new DVD writer, then there’s no need to be sorry. We’re all just trying to help! :flower:

Well, that’s a bit of a relief, as reading tutorials online don’t cost me a dime! lol :wink: I’ll see if I can find some on this site, because I do want to figure out the issue, and not just be like oh well, there’s no hope for my DVD Burner. You’re right, Mr. Belvedere, I know absolutely nothing about the writing and reading schematics. I’m not very computer savy when it comes to dealing with programs and/or the actual computer hardware. One last question before I go on my quest to find proper tutorials – I know Drage mentioned Verbatim DVD media, can I purchase those at places like best buy, radio shack? Also, is there a specific type like x’whatever’, or is that what I specifically ask for at the counter? Thanks for all the help. I do appreciate it.

Since your drive doesn’t support DVD+R media, you would have to buy Verbatim 1-16x DVD-R media.

Okay, so all this time I thought quite possibly it had something to do with my discs. But if I can use x16, that’s fine. Maybe if I learn how to use my programs properly, and have it burn as a video file and not data file, I can still use the ones I currently have. I understand some are better quality than others. It’s not quality I’m concerned about [that’ll come when I get a better dvd burner] it’s just gettin’ the stupid thing to work, ya know? Thanks again, you two. If I have any other issues, I’ll know where to go, and who to look for!

No problem. Remember it took us also years to get some knowledge about the various products. There is a huge amount of information on all various products. Within a month you know more than you ever thought possible. Enjoy CdFreaking! :slight_smile: