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I have EZ-CD Creator 3.5c, and want to make a music cd (that can be played on home stereo). I plan on making a music cd (using wav files), but still have 35 min. available after all songs are added. I would like to fill this gap by adding some music videos by the music artist, but am unsure whether the cd’s will still play on normal home steareo systems. I figured if I added the wav files first and then the media files (probably mpeg), than the wav files will play on the home stereo and I could listen & watch both audio and video on my computer. Will this work? The wizard gives me the option of choosing either data cd or audio cd. Do I just use the data cd and hope it works on my home system?


You must make a mixed-mode CD! Otherwise it won’t play in your home sound system.
It’s better to remove EZCD (especially Direct-CD!!!) and install Nero to burn your cd’s!
Myself I’ve never created a mixed-mode cd but I think it works like I told you! You can just drop & drag the songs in the lower left field and d&d the data files in the top left field.

Good luck!


If you insist on using ECDC 3.5 I’ve had some experience with that.
It’s been al long time since I did this but I used to burn the wav. files first using the audio cd option. Here you cannot use the Disc At Once function as it closes the cd after burning the audio cd.
You should instead use the option ‘close session, don’t close cd’ in the Advanced tab. If you don’t find it exactly like that then it’s because I’m translating from Dutch.
Afterwards you add other files using the data cd option. I’ve done this a few times to save the cover layout I’d made on the disc itself.
Hope it works that way for you too.