I have a proplem with my NEC 3550A dvd plz plz plz help me

hii it’s my 1st message in that nice site i really like it and plz i have a proplem with my NEC 3550A dvd rw i get it a few days ago and i burn 5 cds on it the cds is (sony 4.7G +r) i burn it on nero at 16X and it work good then i buy another 3 cds (sony 4.7+r) i burn them on nero and nero said the cd burn successful at 16x but when i try to open the cd it can’t be open the dvd can’t realize them or when i enter to the cd i found nothing but to be true that cd’s open with me only 1 time after the burn ended 1 login the cd into the dvd and the cd work fro the 1st time and final time and when i try to run them agian they didn’t run that happend to me in that 3 cds and i get another 3 cds and the same proplem happend again and i try to run those cds on another dvd i try them on acer laptop and the cd’s work! but on my dvd they can’t be run
i upgrade my firmware with this ver LD3550 1.Y6 (Liggy & Dee NEC ND-3550A firmware) but the same cd’s still dosn’t work i don know what to do now so i resort to u so plz help me

Please try to use dots and commas.

I think the problem is by software or drivers issueing here.

Uninstall the drive and ide channels by using the devicemanager, then restart.
If that won’t help, also delete the upper & lower filters, see my sig.

thx and i do what u say but the cd’s still dosn’t work and i can’t understand the upper & lower filters what is this filters where i can delete them

Click on my sig - it’s explained in the link.

i do it delete i the upper & lower filters but the cd’s still dosn’t work

heyyyyyyyy guys no one wona help me or what???

then TEST the drive in another computer, or in REAL DOS.

If it fails it’s either time for warranty or a new drive.