I have a problem

I have a sony dw-u18a which i heard is actually a lite-on. The problem is that when the pc starts up it can read the disc in the drive but when I change the disc it dosent read it unless I go into its properties and click populate volumes. I have also just brought easy dvd creator but it doesnt think that I have a DVD-rw drive. Can anyone help I having been trying to fix it for days. Thank you

anyone plz. I cant find a solution, been looking for hours.

Have you tried updating the firmware?

Easy DVD Creator is,I think, by Roxio and does not like other burning programs installed. You may have to remove all other burning programs including Easy DVD Creator, remove irt from Registry and reinstall.

There used to be instructions on the web on what you need to do.

For my money, Nero is much better and resides happily with other burning programs.