I have a problem with lost backup data



I am running Windows Vista Home Basic on a new Compaq computer and just had a problem that I had to run the recovery discs to reset the system back to the factory settings, but before I did that I backed-up all of my important information on a DVD+RW in the DVD burner using Windows Vista. Vista refered to my using the DVD+RW as “like a flash drive”. Now my computer is back up, but now Vista says there is nothing on my DVD+RW and at the same time shows there is zero free space on that same DVD+RW. Please help me get my important information back.


Did you close the session?


No, I thought I was just saving everything to a DVD+RW. I did not think that I would have to close the disc to save the information on it. Does this mean that all my information that I saved on this DVD is just gone?


Finalization shouldn’t be necessary for reading the disc in the drive that created it. The fact that Vista now reports the disc as having zero space, would seem to indicate something is written on the drive (or it’s not formatted). Depending on the original issue that you had before the restore, it’s possible nothing was written to the disc or it wasn’t written properly.

You could try reading the disc with an app such as ISO Buster, if the data is there, it should be able to get it back.


Yes like Dogg said ISO Buster should do the trick


Thank you so much Dogg and StormJumper for your help, it worked! You guys are life savers. The information stored on that DVD+RW was recovered using ISO Buster and had it not been for you guys informing me of this very valuable piece of software, those memories would be lost forever. So, again I thank you!!!