I have a problem with a DVD not playing. Pleas help

Yes I’m a newbie so try not to laugh to much.
Also I guess this would be a newbie question. If not I’m sorry for posting in the wrong place.

I have a new DVD that every time I reach the one chapter it freezes and won’t start agin. ( the chapters after that one work fine also) It also freezes when I try to select that chapter from the chapter select in the menu.
I even tried to start on the chapter after that and rewind (is that what you would still call it with a DVD?) It to the chapter giving me trouble but it still froze.

Then I tried it on the DVD rom on my computer and it worked except for freezing for a few seconds in the first few seconds of the Chapter.

I have cleaned the DVD player out with a DVD player cleaner but it didn’t change anything.

Also the DVD is not a copy.

I checked for scratches but couldn’t find any.

Any idea what might be wrong with it and what I could do about it?

If its an original i would try it on an other DVD player if you have access to one…
And if it still dont work take it back to where you bought it…

It could be a mastering error. If the disc is an original disc and it’s undamaged you should return the disc as dallshead suggested. You can try ripping the DVD with your computer to see if it comes up with any read errors. Software you can use are for instance DVD Decrypter (freeware) or AnyDVD (trial version).

Thanks for the help.

I guess I should have pointed out I first tried it on the DVD player on my TV then tried the one the computer that it just froze for a few seconds in.

So if I tried this DVD Decrypter on it and I find a read error that would mean its most likely a mastering problem and the DVD is defective? Correct?

I can try and figure out how to do that.

I downloaded DVD Decrypter and tried it on the DVD. (Well I decrypted the DVD with it.) I was only able to use it own the file for the chapter giving me problems do to time but it listed no read errors on it. But as I said it plays better on the computer then the DVD player I have on my TV.

I would prefer to try and find out if it really is defective before I try to send it back.
I got the DVD in a Box set on line and will most likely have to send the set back to get a replacement. I will also most likely have to pay shipping on the package as well.

So any one know anything I can do to try and get it to work?