I have a pretty good DVD/CD Burner and all, but



IT’s takes me a really long time to convert Movie files to avi, so I’m wondering
what else is there that I might need to upgrade on my pc to make things faster?

Is it my ram?
which I already have like 300…or so

Is it my Processor, which I don’t think I can change it, since it embeded with my Compaq presario?

or what else is there I can change?
I have pretty much upgraded most of my components on that old PC, I have the XP software.

What are your computer aspecs and how long does it take you to backup movie files?


Conversion main bottle neck is CPU, the faster the CPU the faster you can convert!
This is basic, but as you mentioned you are un able to change your CPU then there is nothing much you can do…


what u using to convert avis to dvd?