I have a Pioneer DVR-A07-J which is presently at firmware 1.13, should I update to firmware 1.22?


I found the latest firmware for my DVR-A07-J here:


And I was wondering if there’s any upsides or downsides to going from firmware 1.13 to firmware 1.22?


Generally firmware updates improve media compatibility so it is recommended to update.


Definitely update. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will have support for newer media and improvements to the writing of already supported media.


Thanks guys, I just updated today to firmware 1.22.


Yeah, I got a bundle of assorted drives and updated them all - in general, the update recognizes more media at appropriate speed, tweaks the write strategies for better results.

The only reason to not update (as in many cases, you cannot downgrade) is if you want to use a customized firmware with modifications to things like riplock (DVD video speed reduction) or region control - though the once popular RPC-1 is not supported by modern operating systems