I have a Philips SPD2411 ... what chipset is this

Need urgent Help … 10x in anticipation guys . Is this a rebadged LiteOn? If so how can I crossflash to benefit from all the LiteOn tools … :confused:

It’s a MT1898E. This drive is a rebadged Lite-On LH-18A1P / BenQ DW1800. With EEPROM Utility, you can crossflash it to the 20X series drives :wink:

can U give more details ? I didn’t worked with liteon utilities until now … or a link to a thread for that … I would be verry greatfull :bow:

hi ppl.
where i can get the firmeware for philips 2411 bd01?
i need this for recording DVD DL on dvd decrypter,for a game to playstation2.

Hi and Welcome![quote=billyboyfz;2138165]
where i can get the firmeware for philips 2411 bd01?[/quote]Here:

thanks mciahel.
i instaled the firmware but i still cant record on dvd decrypter.
my recorder cant recognize the dvd9.
i want to record a game for playstation2,the game has 7.71G.
do you know any program to record this?

Decrypter should be replaced by Imgburn for burning purpose.
Apart from that: if your drive does not properly recognise the media (please post the MID if possible), then you should get better stuff. Most reliable DL is Verbatim, especially their 2,4x rated discs.

Hi, i just got this drive,but i dunt no mucht about this drive. Which firmware wil do very well with this drive? Thnz a lot…!!!

PS: Philips SPD2411P BP03 (31-08-2007)
FlashID: C2 14 00 0E
Flashtype: MXIC(MX25L1605)