I have a new NEC ND-3520A 16x DVD_RW burner




First day, first post, so lets go…
Just got this burner to go with my older NEC DVD burner.
Does anybody know what media is available that will actually burn at 16x for me?
I did update the Firmware to 1.U7
Thanks is advance!




read the first message…mind you these are media codes not brand names… you can go to www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia and cross reference them to brand names.

Disclaimer: that list may be decieving. It just shows the write speeds, nothing about burn quality. As you read the thread, you’ll see the big fight over that fact.


You can “read” your firmware yourself. First, dump your firmware, you can use NECFlash WinGUI to dump a .bin file. Then, use NEC dump to read all your write strats for each media type.

Short version: TY T02 will burn at 16x, and so will MCC004. If you tell us where you’re at, we can let you know what to look for at the store.


I have no problem with SONY08D1 -R’s buring at 16x on my 3520a (these are 8X on the package).


Congrats on the 3520.