I have a mpeg2 file how do i watch it on DVD player

I have tried to search this forum for the answer, but couldn’t find one. What made the search a little more difficult, is that, i don’t know what it is called technically that I need to do. I have a video file on my computer,

Format -Video MPEG2, Audio MPEG1 Layer 2, DVD (NTSC) res
standard Resolution - Video - 720x480, 29.97 fps (16x9 aspect ratio,WS)

I want to burn it to a dvdr so i can watch it on my standalone. Can anyone tell me what i need to do. and tell me what is called technically speaking. Thanks.

you need a program such that will convert this into the files that your DVD player can understand.

My sudgestion to you is use Nero Vision Express (part of the Nero Burning ROM package), it hasn’t got all the features of some other packages, but it’s nice and simple to follow.

Nero vision express is easy to use and will convert it and create a simple dvd menu. If you do try it, here is a trick that might save you a lot of time if it works. Rename the file vts_1_0.vob. Nero reencodes mpeg files which for a movie length file, takes hours. Vob files that dvd’s use are mpeg 2 files, with a diffrent file extention. Nero does not reencode .vob files which will save you a lot of time. I have tried it a couple times and so far it has worked for me.

Nice tip, I’ll remember that one :slight_smile:

IMO, TMPGEnc DVD Author and DVDlab(pro) are better choices.

Sounds like it might solve a wee problem for me too. I´m trying to get a two disc double-layer movie (300 minutes) down to a one disc single layer, while maintaining a bit of quality. I´ve ripped both as ISO data files, and just now relabelled them vts_1_0.vob and vts_1_1.vob. Importing them into vision express as I write. I suspect it´s still gonna be too big (?). If this doesn´t work…any suggestions? Do I have to DivX them?

I’m not completly sure. Nerovision express can fit quite a lot of content, and should be able to get that much on one disk (you will loose quality), but it may have to reencode to do it. If it fails with .vob files, try changing the extentions from .vob to .mpg. It will take hours, but it may be the only way to get that much on one disk. Make sure that on the first screen, your target size is a dvd-5.

Yes…Express says it´s too big. I imported the two vob files and the total was about 8.5GB. It said I could try to manually reduce it but I´m not sure how. So, I´ll try relabelling as you suggested - it can run as long as it wants cos I´m gonna hit the hay shortly.
Thanks…I´ll probably post what happened sometime soon


nero vision express can’t compress worth crap. when it tells me that the output will be too big and asks if i want to compress i ALWAYS say no.

here’s my method:

do not compress in vision express

output to image recorder rather than dvd writer. this will create a .nrg file.

mount this nero image (nrg) file on a virtual drive.

use dvd shrink on the “disc” in the virtual drive.

note, that this is a long process (with MOST of the time on the vision express end) start to finish this will take about 5 hours depending on computer specs…

there are better ways with more complicated software, but this works well enough for me.

also, keep in minf that compression relates to quality. if you’re talking almost 9 GB of info, i probably wouldn’t try to fit it all onto a single disc, but i can usually compress about 6GB or so to a single disc without noticeable quality loss from the original media files.

I think when nero express reduces quality, all it does is lowers the bitrate. Here are the bitrates and what nero claims is the amount of video you can get.
high quality 8000 kbit/s, about 60 minutes
standard play 5073 kbit/s about 120 minutes
long play 3382 kbit/s about 180 minutes
extended play 2537 kbit/s about 240 minutes and there are even lower settings
It makes sence that using compression might be beter than lowering the bitrate.
Another option would be to select the write to hard disk folder option. That will give you a video_ts folder with all the nesasary dvd files and you will not have to mess with mounting an image. then you can use shrink, nero recode, clone dvd or whatever you want to compress it. I’m not sure that a 8.5gig file could be compressed to fit a dvd-5 though. It wouldn’t hurt to try (shrink or recode or whatever shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes or less to compress, and actually it should tell you from the start if it can be compressed enough, at least recode can.

ripit, these times are for DVD5, right?!

Yes they are for dvd 5. If you let nero automatically reduce quality, these are the settings it will use. I believe that there are two aditional settings (of even lower quality), the lowest of which changes to lower bitrate and lower resolution. It will allow you to set it for custom also where you can manually set the bit rate to whatever you want and I think there are 3 or 4 resolution options. As you are adding files, or adding a group of files, if nero determines that there is too much content for the disk size you selected, it will as you if you want to reduce quality and it will step down to the next setting down. If you keep adding files, it will ask again and step it down again.