I have a MadDog 16x internal and trying to flash to NEC3500

I know that my burner is a rebadged NEC 3500 and I was told that I can flash it to their firmware instead of using MadDogs as they are a couple steps behind. How do I go about downloading and using NEC’s firmware instead of MadDogs?

Please browse the NEC subforum at your leisure.

Well I think Mad Dog’s is ahead of NEC > with F2A you have auto bitsetting. Neither of them can beat some of the modded firmwares that are out. I’m using the F2A and mine has done a good burn on anything I have put in it. Even some of Frys cheapo GQ 4x stuff has pretty good burns. I have some CMCMag AE1 that won’t give good burns on my 1620 at any speed, but the NEC burns them OK at 4x.
What ever you decide, good luck with it.

I decided to keep the firmware that was on the MadDog website. I read too many posts of people that were having problems with the NEC 3500 firmware. Mine is working fine and burning at 4x right now. I am using Sony 4X DVD-R disks. I am going to get some Memorex 8X DVD-R tomorrow and try them out. Thanks for the replies.

MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9 (NEC ND-3500A) 2.F9 RPC1 and Rip Speed Firmware

http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/ Go here and download the MD16W2F9.zip at the bottom of the modded 3500a firmware section. It works really well and it retains the MADDOG Name and 2F9 firmware coding. I tried 5 or 6 different firmware back and forth between Maddog and Nec3500 and this works the best. Just remember to not have any other programs running when you flash your drive and make sure you have the right drive selected . I also had the Maddog 16XDVD9-ext usb but took it back when the case fan quit after 10 days. I ordered a new ND-3520 drive from ZIPZOOMFLY for $79.89+tax with free 2nd day shipping. This drive is a little faster and will be able to write both D/L -R & +R discs when they release the updated firmware. By the way you will be better off if you stay away from -R discs all together. Most DVD writers don,t like them. My maddog will would write Fujifilm -R x8 discs made in Taiwan at only 4 but the Fuji +R 8x made in Japan will write at 12x-16x. If you spend some time reading posts and replies in this forum you will be able to better understand whats going on. The MEDIA forum is especially important reading


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