I have a HP CD writer plus 9300

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Hello Everyone,
I am from the Windy City near the Lake, and heres my question.

I have a HP CD writer plus 9300.

Its wired as follows: My PC has a SCSI CD already. The 9300 is an IDE. My PC mother board has two IDE connectors where I plugged the 9300 into. I beleive its slot 1 not slot 0.

I installed the drivers from the HP CD installation disk and had no problems copying info from the C drive.

I did however discovered a problem when I tried to copy CD to CD. In other words read SCSI and write 9300. Any Ideas?

Most all drives can be set for Master, Slave or Cable Select. I have the 9300 set to cable select. Also my bios settiing has the IDE set to Auto. I do have a Virus software running and didn’t disable it when I tried CD to CD copy, But wouldn’t this also make the copy from the C drive unsucessfull even though I had no problem copying from the C drive? :a :frowning:


I had even tried copying CD to CD with the Virus Protect diasabled; still I got a unusable copy. The CD to CD copy program said it was a successfull copy; even though it was not. By looking at the back of the CD that was copied, it apeared the same amount of Data matched the reference CD…Any thoughts on what is happening here! SHould I make the CD burner master? Instead of CAble select?

Or is this because the refernce CD drive is a SCSI instaed of IDE?:iagree: