I have a GSA-H60L which is apparently a clone of GSA-H62L



Are there any firmware’s out that I can use to make my ripping speed faster.

Currently it’s ripping at about 5X. I had an old NEC that was much faster, but I am unable to find it.

Thanks for your help.


Well, I just used the H62L firmware, chose to increase the read speed and the drive still works, but it read the DVD only about 1.5X faster. Took 17 minutes for 7.7GB rather than the 20 last time…any ideas??

Vista Home Premium
4GB Ram


So incredibly I found my old NEC 3550 drum roll please [On top of my desktop in the external enclosure lol]. Who’d a thunk it.

It’s been on top it the desktop so long that I didnt even relize it was there. I guess I went through all that for nothing on the LG. The NEC isn’t doing quite as well as it used to tho[10x-12x range]

. It’s up to 7.3X right now. It’s riplocked and such. I used firmware from here back in 05 when i first became a member. Up to 7.9X now, so it’s def better than the H60L/H62L that I currently have internally. Up to 8.6x now. 9.9x now so I guess it is as good as it once was. Awesome, <10 minute rips are a ton better than >17minute ones.

Thanks for looking you guys even if you weren’t sure what my deal was. Just jumped to 11.4x…Lovin it


When I tried to load the H62L on a H60L, I just get drive not found.


[QUOTE=Blodulv;2628430]When I tried to load the H62L on a H60L, I just get drive not found.[/QUOTE]

What do you expect?
You cannot just crossflash with official packages…