I have a few questions


First, I have flight sim 2k2 pro cds and they all worked fine right before i moved to a new apartment. it was fault that i didn’t put the first flight simulator 2002 pro in a protective case and now it’s giving me problems. it always stops the installation at 74%. I tried cleaning it… doesn’t help. I do see a little tiny scratch on the outer tracks surface but i can’t get rid of it. can any one tell me how I can fix this?
I also have another problem. I reinstalled windows xp pro on a different partion. I had my nero installed on drive C. but when i found out that 5.9 nero is out i downloaded it. i installed previous updates with no problem. my nero cd came bundeled with lite-on cd-rw drive. when i try installing from a cd again, it tells me that i should remove the old one first. nero tries but i can’t remove it completly. i have no idea why. i tried deleting all the files that contained nero and ahead in them. still didn’t help. can anyone help me out plz…

can anyone please help me out?

im not completely sure i understand but ill try.if you are trying to delete files you must turn off the program running related to that file.ctrl+alt+delete then find the process related to nero.turn it off
now you can delete the file related to nero.

registry? check both partitions - nero (i think) will install itself to c, regardless of where you tell it to go ;). did you use the windows uninstaller ?

Nero installs a driver that isn’t removed by its uninstall program. I’m not at home right now so I can’t check but I think it’s installed in c:\windows\system\iosubsys.

To fully remove nero from your system you will need first to remove the driver (you will probably have to boot to dos to do this since as I recall the driver loads with windows) and then edit your registry so as to remove all references to nero.

Note that you will have to remove the driver before editing the registry as the driver re-creates its registry entries when it loads itself at boot-up.

nviaspi i think what is called .they were sopposed to do away with this but i could be wrong!

Originally posted by alphaext
I do see a little tiny scratch on the outer tracks surface but i can’t get rid of it. can any one tell me how I can fix this?

Use one of those scratch remover things. They scrape of a thin part of the polycarbonate layer of the CD. If the scratch isn’t too deep it will remove this too and hopefully restore your CD.
Beware though some stores ask an outrages price for this thing. Shop around !!!

This may sound weird , but polish the disc with a little toothpaste. It’s great for reducing scratches.

Oh , and don’t expect answers within 2 hours of posting. We’re a forum , not a professional helpdesk who bills you.