I have a Epson R200 - should I upgarde to the R220?


As above. I’ve been very happy with my R200 but since I’ve started to print direct to cd I have found a few faults.

Fellow users will sure know about the poor CD/DVD tray design and all that comes with it. Through reading other forums I understand that there is a new CD/DVD tray available that fix’s most of the prev problems, so I’m wondering should I simply purchase the new tray or sell up and go for the new R220?

What are the differences (apart from the new tray) are there between the R200 and R220 (if any)?

None that I can see. Don’t bother upgrading just get the new treay. From what I have read others here have got it for free. Though I have never had a problem with the tray that come with the printer.

What faults have you found as i have not long ago bought a EPSON R300

No you should upgrade to a Canon.

why should you upgrade to a cannon when you can get the epson cartriges for less than half the price of the cannon

Where can you get retail, genuine, Epson R200 carts for less than half the price of Canon’s?

Besides that, they should be less than half the cost since you get less than half the prints out of them!!!

Yeah, there was a study that showed that epsons wasted 30% of the ink in the cartridge, when canon wasted something like 5%. The epson printer actually counts the ink drops, which turns out to be inaccurate. While the canon canons acurately measure with a laser diode and prism.

What model Canon printer has a tray for DVD printables?

why use genuine cartriges when others are just as good and like i said a lot cheaper

what model? interestingly almost all of them.

Actually the US/CA versions have the CD/dvd printing disabled. But by manually changing the printers country code (putting the printer in service mode), and removing a piece of plastic (which pops off), the driver will automatically allow the cd/dvd printing feature, but only if you do it in that order (installing the driver last). Otherwise you’d have to set a reg key to turn on the feature.

I picked up the ip4200 after the nozzles on my r200 clogged up. You can buy a tray for the canon printer (off ebay, expensive) or make one (out of cereal box cardboard :doh: ). Another option is to modify the tray from the r200 (which is what I did), that requires not only removing material from all sides of the tray but also adding three reflectors for the printers positioning system (quite easy actually). It took about an hour to make, with the help of a belt sander, I also used a straight edge with a utility knife to score the plastic to remove the larger section.

go to this forum for more info: There you will find detailed instructions as well as tray templates.


remember thought that at the moment there are not any compatible carts for the canon ip4200 and now that canon are as well implementing chiped carts its gona be a while for the compatible cart makers to work out how to make the chips.
What i am doing at the moment is refilling the carts using ink from bci-6 carts which are used in the ip4000 and ip5000 these are the closest relative to my printer so i gathered the ink they use would be most suitable.
So far i havent had any problems and print quality is still very good

I’m looking at buying a Epson R200 because I need to do about 200 disks in a short period of time but don’t want to lay out any money either. The R200 looks like the best for the money but I read all over the place that the tray can be a real pain at times. The best deal I can find is the R200 for $79 + a $20 rebate for a refurbished one direct from Epson (w/ 1 yr warranty). The I see they have the R300 for only $20 more (again, w/ rebate).

My question is … I find all kinds of stuff about the R200 tray problems but nothing about the R300 having problems. Am I wrong? I would guess that the same problems occur with the R300 but maybe they just sold like a bazillion more R200’s and that is why I find more about the tray problem on that one. Should I upgrade to the R300 because the tray is better or not? THANKS

errmmmk…so back to the topic in question…

"What are the differences (apart from the new tray) are there between the R200 and R220 (if any)?"

While my R200 worked, I the tray had problems pretty early on, I’d have to give it a push in, and when it was ejecting I’d have to pull it out b/c the rollers weren’t grabbing the tray to the end. The fact that the rollers were spinning with little traction was probably making the rollers worse. As far as I can remember though, supposibly if you were to eject a bunch of sheets of paper that would clean the rollers, but it didn’t help much.


The R200 is at the egg, $65 + $6.75 shipping AMIR NEW.

If the tray is the only problem you were having with the R200 than just contact Epson and get a new tray, in most cases FREE. I have an R220 and have been very happy with it so far. I really like the fact the ink cartridges are seperate so you don’t have to buy an expensive color cartridge when a single color runs out. I have not had any problems with my R220. :slight_smile:

Last week I bought a refurb r300 (1st mistake) and spent hours trying to get print heads working right, then found the cd tray rollers were weak, etc. etc. 'til I gave up. Got a brand new r320 yesterday; a few sheets of paper test patterns, 27 cd’s, and less than 4 hours out of the box it was splattering ink on rollers, fouling printing, and the cd tray rollers were starting to have trouble driving the tray in to print. Multiple head cleanings and paper feeds to clean rollers were fouled instantly on the next cd. Not a good sign, my friend.

I have an EPSON R210 printer [prints to disc]and had trouble with the tray. Took it to tha agents who replaced it with a new tray [does’t have that silly piece of semi clear plastic along the front edge]. This tray has a tapered edge and haven’t had any problems since.

Update: Spoke to Epson this morning and they quickly informed me that a new printer, accessories, and a prepaid shipping label for return of the faulty printer will be sent to me right away. While it may not solve a design flaw, I was very pleased with the quick and decisive way they handled the issue.

Here is my personal experience with the EPSON R200 - I use it as a part time business, dealing with many companies to print CD and DVDs - and so far I ahve printed almost 1500, with the same printer and have not had any problem - the print quality is excellent - At first I had to get used to it and manually adjust colours in my software to get colours to match - I always use the photo enhance mode / vivid and get good results. Once my genuine ink has run out I have gotten the JETTEC 30% extra life, unlike the EPSON cartridges, those do not waste ink and are designed in a way to use the extra 30% of ink that EPSON wastes so you print more pages with it…so far I am amazed, no clogged nozzles nothing and putting discs side to side could not see a visible difference.

About ink splattering on the rollers and in the printer that is very unusual - Have you tried doing any manual modifications of your printer? For example I’ve seen cases where people would extend the tube inside the pritner, outside to a waste bottle and would often dislodge that tube from the suction pump - causing ink to spill all over inside the pritner and eventually overflow and get all parts dirty.

In regards to the tray - There is no known problems with the printer itself. Personally I have not had ANY problems with the original tray - it gets pulled and ejected properly. You need to make sure when you insert the tray that it is inserted BELOW the 2 guides and that the arrows are aligned - If you do not push it far enough with the arrows the tray will not get pulled properly. Also do not attempt to push it further beyond the arrow - If you force it, you can damage it.

My guess is, that people who have had problems have either had faulty trays to start with or that plastic edge at the end of the tray is bent, this is the most common problem. If properly handled there should not be any problem.

As far as the R200 vs. R220, it looks to me like EPSON is cutting some corners, like most companies. The R220 has a flimsier design, it appears more light weight and more cheap/fragile. They have changed the 3 buttons with improved ones - The inks are the same… The software is updated and uses a new revision of the print driver. Unfortunately there is no “BLACK INK” only option. Some improvements were also made with overall colour saturation and offers stronger/better yellow/reds, honestly if you are happy with your R200 there is no reason to upgrade…i don’t see any reason personally.