I have a . DMR-ES20 dvd recorder not working

In advance thank you for any help offered. I am attempting to transfer VHS tapes to DVD+RW discs. I am using a VCR with a DMR-ES20 DVD Recorder. The cables are connected to the out ports from the VCR to the in ports for the recorder with another cable connected out from the recorder to the TV.

I push record mode on the recorder remote, then play on the VCR remote, then record on the recorder. The recorder light never comes on. Can’t figure it out.

Any ideas? This is for a christmas project for a couple families if I can just figure out why the recorder will not record.

Not sure we’re going to be able to help. Looking online, I found the user manual, but it sounds like you’re doing it correctly, as long as you are selecting the correct input channel on the recorder. PDF File, page 30.

Have you tested the VHS player recently to make sure it is functioning properly?

Yes, the VCR is freshly cleaned, playing without skips or picture skews and records. Going to see if the recorder will record off the TV.

I think you should read this.

The Panasonic DMR-ES20 records to all DVD formats except DVD+RW.