I have a DH-16A6L-C dvd burner that won't play burned dvd's even though they appear to have been burned



I have an atapi dh-16a6l-c drive which I was told is the hp version for lite-on. I have firmware ZH1A and want to know if it is possible to upgrade my firmware to ZHCG through crossflashing. I’ve been unable to burn dvd’s, but I can burn cd’s perfect. The drive plays dvds too, just not the ones I burn from it. I was told that this is a known issue with the dvd burner and that upgrading the firmware through crossflashing should fix the issue. What do I need and how would I go about doing it?


Can you post a dump of the ZH1A firmware (use C0deKing’s Flash Utility to create a backup of your firmware) for us please?

You might be able to upgrade to the ZHCG but for that you’ll need an unscrambled version (a dump) of the ZHCG firmware as the original HP flasher most likely won’t let you crossflash …

The DH-16A6L sounds like an iHAS220 clone. I’m not sure what the -C means, but since you’ve got very little to loose … its probably worth trying to crossflash it to an iHAS220 and see if it works better … just make sure you make a backup of the firmware and the EEPROM first … so you can revert back if necessary.