I have a ? concerning DVDFAB5

[qanda]This thread is about the AC Ryan AluBoxDVR [USB2.0 . AV-In/AV-Out] IDE. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]:confused:i have paid for the platnum version of dvdfab5,im getting a error message saying i need a double discs anyone ever seen this error before?

Just before you click start make sure that in the dropdown window at the bottom left has DVD-5 within that window, if DVD-9 is there and you put in a single layer(DVD-5) then you will receive that message :iagree:

thank you very much.i will try that.should i run the bold site, called clean uninstal dvdfab?:bow:

No…those items are in my signature and are there all the time not meant for you

ok, im very thankfull for your help then, have a wonderfull day…

And you have a nice day also :flower: