I have a CDR drive.. so why does it say i dont?

BLAH! im so computer retarded. i donteven know if im doing all this right. Hints the name. anyway… Okay so im trying to burn pictures onto a CD. but every time i try it says i dont have a freaking CD-R. which i do. and i need this pictures before tomorrow or else i fail my class. PLEASE HELP ME. :sad:

Your going to have to give more info.

CDR - Make & model
Burning program

well where am i suppose to get that information?

i have the same problem

Make - tsst corp CDW/DVD TS-L 462A

media - ??? Windows XP-SP2???

Burner - ??? idk??? roxia or something like that

how do you kno all this info?

CD / DVD burners only turn up in windows as a standard CD drive.

To burn things, you must have a burning program installed.

Imgburn is small, and free. Download this, and we can help you

CDspeed & Nero infotoolwouldn’t hurt either.

have you checked in my computer, your drive should show as dvdrw or cdrw

i havce a tsst dvdrw and nero 6, they work very well