I have a bin and cue file whats the best way to put on a cd

i have nero can i burn a bin and cue file with Version6 ultra and if so how? :bow:

Yes you can burn a bin and cue with nero…
what are you trying to backup

i am backing up some of my game programs.I have never burned a bin and cue file and can use a littel help in doing this with nero. :bow:

Just try “Nero Burning Rom” CD-Rom(ISO) burn your bin or cue files with.

If you open up the Burn Image dialog, you’ll notice that .cue is one of the file extensions it’s looking for.

The .bin file should be in the same folder, though you can get fancy if you want and edit the .cue file. It’s not too complex. Open one up in Notepad, and you’ll get the idea.