I have a bad drive 812s

Hello. I have had problems with this drive ever since i bought it. I’ve only done about 3 successful burns with the drive. Its ruined over 20 disks, and it always make the wierdest sounds. What should i do? I’ve been so busy lately, that i’ve let it go past a month. Its been about 2 months since i bought the drive. I really need to get this drive replaced. Does LiteON have a good warantey service? It wont even spin up blank disks anymore. And when it does spin a disk up, halfway through the burn it will error out and the program will tell me there has been an error. :frowning: Recently, when i put in a blank disk, it will blink for a few seconds and then go off. When i go into My Computer, windows sees the drive as a cd-rom drive not a DVD-RW drive as it normaly does. Is this a driver issue? I would thank god if it was, but i dont seem to have any luck with that. The only thing i have seen that might make me think its a driver issue is that i’ve read in several threads that supposedly the nforce2 drivers dont like liteon. I have a Gigabyte 7n400 Pro2 mobo with an athlon xp 2800 and 512 megs of ram.

Also, if a drive were flashed with say… another firmware and then had the original firmware flashed back to it, would anyone be able to tell? Like say liteon or the warantey service? :smiley: :smiley:


Edit: Another thing i’ve noticed, is that sometimes my system will beep twice when it boots up. I just tried to insert a blank disk to see if the drive would spin it up after installing the default M$ ide drivers, and it spun it up and then quit. It then beeped twice at me. I looked in the my comptuer and it said CD-ROM instead of DVD-RW drive. Ugh!!! I have this drive.

What program(s) are you using?

The fact that the bios beeps twice is not good. Try moving it to another IDE chain, or swapping it to the master/slave (whatever it isn’t now).

Sorry for the late response. I’m using the latest version of Nero Express. (and sometimes just nero)

I would certainly move it to a differnt chain if i didnt have to dissasymble my whole computer to do so. :smiley: When you have a computer that looks like this, its kind of hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, i bought 2 new harddrives recently, so i will be installing those soon. When i do, i’ll be trying the DVD-RW on several differnt settings and chains. Thanks for the advice!!!

-Matt Keller

Good news, i just redid my system after putting in my two new hard drives. (2 250gig drives… that makes 700 gigs total with my existing drives. :eek: ) lol Anyways, the new drives are sata. After putting the new drives in, i installed windows and setup all my drivers (expect for the nforce2 IDE driver. i’ve heard that is a bad thing) and my drive works again. :smiley: YAY. I must have had some driver conflict or something. But i burned a couple dvd’s yesterday using Adobe Encore. w00t.


Nice machine man looks like we both have the same case, and yeah taking a drive out is a nightmare hahaha have to remove a third of the case just to get at the thing lol, also having the cathodes right on the bottom shows up every piece of dust, dirt, scratch, and fingerprint ive moved mine up the sides now

Haha. Yay. lol. It took me about 2 hours to put those new drives in. UGH. To get the back off the case i hae to take all the cards out, all the cables off the mobo and then pull the back panel w/ the motherboard completley out.

Anyways, i got tiered of there being 12 cables to power my 4 cathodes, so i took some extra time to do some customized wiring. :smiley:

The burner is still working great. For some reason though, the first 2 disks i burned in adobe encore work fine in my PS2, but the last 2 dont. I think its probably some settings issue in encore though.