I have a $50 for Staples what DVD media should I get?

I know the best I will find is 4x (ok maybe some 8x) and it’s over priced but I got the gift card for nothing and I want to try some different media with my BenQ 1620.

I don’t care much about the speed I just want something that is of decent quality, + or - R.

They have Maxell, Imation, Memorex, TDK, Sony, TEON, Verbatim.

I know to look for Japan made.

Any first hand suggestions?


the Imation I got were Ricoh jpnr01 and they burn very nice in my 1620 but only @ 4X

I’d go for Verbatim if it’s 8x (MCC003).

You might also want to look at sony. They had it on sale last week, maybe they will run it again soon (if you are not in a hurry). Depending on which speed etc. you get they might be mcc, ty, ricoh or sony. It seems like sony sticks to good medias.

The Verbatims are probably 4X MCC 002 And the Imations are probably 4X RICOHJPRN01.

I get 8X and 12X respectfully on my NEC 3500.

Nice thing is you can always take them back and try another brand, as long as you return most of them.

Avoid Memorex 4x DVD-R’s like the plague.
Manufacturer ID = CMC

Staples also should have HP media, which will be CMC. The +R is very good quality for the price, and will burn great in your Benq.

Sony itself isn’t very good the others aren’t bad though (MCC depends alot on where it is produced though).