I have 4082B, think to buy 4163B. Recomendations?

Hello! 4082B worked his job excellent. I owe it for more then year, and I don’t have a single coaster with CD’s and DVD’s. It had excellent writing quality, but I think I want something faster… So I bought Benq DW1620, and it dissapointing me… It didn’t recognize DVD+RW that it burned, and rewritnig quality means lot to me.
So, my question is: Is 4163B continues quality (I saw that design is the same, and I like it), that 4082 had, is it quiet as 4082… Also, I need a good CD and CDRW quality. 4082B was one of the greatest DVDRW I tested for CD quality.

Thanx for answers!!!

The 4163B to me is very solid burner, i have only been playing around with a few days since i decided to buy it, and its burnt on numerous types of media, nice and fast and no errors, i have changed a couple of strats in MSCE an am very pleased with the performance, get one

If Benq1640 dissapointed you, maybe 1640 will not - try before you buy. I bought one unit and I tell you it writes better than my 4163 on most media, and sometimes faster.

Its a very good burner which burns both +R and -R media extremely well. Its also much less fussy on media quality than my Philips (with Benq1620 f/w) drive and that will burn almost anything.

While it can’t do miracles with crappy media, it comes close on marginal media, often producing results which put the Phillips/Benq drives to shame.

Only real downers for me is the lack of quality scanning and the fact very little media can be overspeeded.