I have 4.7 gigs dvd+r but nero only reads 4.5



I just got Nero and i have 4.7 gigs dvd+r but nero only reads 4.5 how do i get the extra out so it will read the new cds I just got my Dvd burner a couples weeks ago So can you please help


If I am not mistaken it is the same thing as with hard drives. They are calling one megabyte 1000,000 bytes when in reality it is 1048576 (or something like that). dvd’s only hold about 4 and a half gig in reality. Its not the full 4.7 gig they are rated.


Actually, both of the facts are true. The confusion comes because the “real” world and the “computer” world have different mathematical computations. It can get confusing, and for the most part, what you really need to know is when you see the 4.7 on your DVD MEDIA, it is referring to 4.7 billion bytes. Which equates to approximately 4.37 GB’s. To simplify, you will need to keep your project to 4.37 GB’s or less.