I have 2 questions about Sony and TY



I recently bought JVC(TY) Archival grade scratch proof dvd -r and so far so good as far as successful burns. They are made in Japan. Does anyone have any bad things to say about these dvd -r?

When using Nero test drive both surface scan(all green blocks) and transfer rate look normal to me(straight yellow line and Curving Green line)

I also just bought some sony dvd+rs (that have accucore) 16x. but they are made in Malaysia. I have only used 1 and it seems good. Are these sonys any good?

Thanks in Advance and sorry for asking two questions!!


Can’t speak for the JVC/TY discs as I’ve not had chance to try them yet, but I’ve used MIM and MIA Sony AccuCore discs (8x and 16x), and apart from one single disc, they’ve held up well so far. They’re even stored in a binder. :wink:

If your data etc is important to you though, I’d also back up to another set of discs (preferably by a different manufacturer), or perhaps an external HDD.


I’ve nothing bad to say about the Sony +R discs as they have always done good for me
now as for the Sony -R I’m not real thrilled about using them as they just do not do as
good for me.

Now as for the TY -R discs if they are 16x TYG03’s then you can expect a little higher PIF
totals from them over what you’d normally expect to see from TY media but they should
still do well for you.

It would be nice to see some scans from your burns with the above media please post
some scans if you get the chance to do so.


I have only had JVC (TY) DVD+R, they were very good and had rather low PIE and PIF totals and max.

Actually it’s very wise to create two backup sets on different media. If a batch of discs misbehaves due to manufacturing defects, the other might nevertheless hold up well.
Made in Malaysia Sony media is made by Daxon. They might not produce quality scans that are as nicely as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, but I think they’re still reasonably good media.


Thanks for all the responses!!! I do back up everything on my External HD just to be safe. i don’t know how to scan my discs. I don’t even know what PIE or PIfs are. The only thing i can tell you about any type of test i do for my discs after i burn them is with NERO (cd speed?)

The surface scan(all green blocks, which means no un-readable surfaces) and transfer rate look normal to me(straight yellow line and Curving Green line)

I just did a media scan of my TY and they TYG03. If there are better TY available please let me know. These are the first TY i have ever used.

Oh yeah i m using an LG burner!


You’re not missing much as the LG’s I know of don’t scan anyway :)…unless you happen to have a LiteOn or BenQ stashed away somewhere? :slight_smile:

If playback is good (if some or all of the discs are movie backups), and a TRT is nice and smooth, with no slowdowns, I’d say you’re OK for the moment at least. :wink:

These days I pretty much never scan anything (my scanning drives are in another PC), all I do is test playback if it’s a movie, and maybe run a TRT. :slight_smile: