I have 1.4 GIGA of Mp3, is there anyway to burn all that on one 700 Mega CD?

Hey guys, I must say i have benefited so much from this forums so that I thought i should register, its cool, good job :slight_smile:

I have a question though, and call it my furst newbie qusetion; :slight_smile:

I have 1.4 GIGA of Mp3, is there anyway to burn all that on one 700 Mega CD?

if it does, then is there a special way to do so?

I appreciate little bit of explaining :slight_smile:


It’s possible, but you will lose a TON of quality, so I don’t recommend it.

do you mean to re-rip them so that i lower the quality and bitrate?

I was wondering if it is possible to keep the same quality yet fit them in there!!!

I am not sure but excuse my little knowledge about these matters but is creating iso file help or even related!!! :S i am sorry i know it soudns like non sesne :S

short answer: no

mp3s are already pretty heavily compressed (ask any audiophile…they’ll be apalled that you can even subject your ears to such a lossy format…but they’re elitists anyway :p)

even if you zipped them up or lowered the bitrate or worked whatever kind of voodoo you were trying to work, it would either not fit onto a CD or not be anywhere NEAR good enough quality to listen to.

you could burn them onto 2 cds though just fine…

Sounds like a job for, drumroll please… 2 CDs!

You can try to use Nero’s MP3PRO plug in, i did and it heavily reduced the sizes. Also, try WMA format with some tweaks.

To reduce size and leave the quality good, you even could transcode to ogg audio (.ogg). But most standalone players cannot play it, sadly.