I Hate The Pioneer 109



My 109 worked well at first although it would really never burn any disc in less then 7 minutes and 10 seconds, I was happy with that speed. Recently it does nothing but burn coasters. I have the newest firmware and have tried other burning programs but still it burns coasters. The error happens on the lead out. I am using TY’s and I have noticed that there seems to be a problem with those but I also believe I had the same problem with TDK’s. This is not 2000 Pioneer this is 2005. People buy your product and should be able to use it without tearing the computer apart to check this and check that. What a piece of junk. Im done with them.


What will give you such an post?
I think you have something to learn. (IMHO)


Give it to me then.
Seriously, contact Pioneer for a replacement or move on. Whining will get you nowhere.



TYG03 16x media, right? It’s a known issue that Pioneer has never fixed. It often locks up on leadout. There are a couple topics open about it on down the forum. Most other media Burns fine on it. Just avoid 16X pure CAV media.


Burner problems are not unique to Pioneer, catman! The highly touted BenQ 1640, for example is being RMA’d by buyers sometimes three times before getting a fully functional unit. Read the forums. As long as rock bottom price forces manufacturers to China to compete QC will remain an issue.(I’m really speculating here).
Stop snivelling, do your homework and get on with it!
Many people here are VERY helpfull, believe me, but you’ll need an attitude adjustment to take advantage of their experience.


I understand your frustration, I myself have had the same problem. The only workaround is buy a Good 8x media Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or so. I’m also dissapointed that pioneer hasn’t fixed the error, it could be because it an error in the hardware design. The 110D had the same problem with firmware 1.08, but it seems to have been fixed with the 1.17 firmware.


Prices are going to drop another $10 by the end of the year according to projections. I think we’ll continue to see quality control issues as the prices on the drives fall. LG is producing their newest drives in China instead of Korea…



Look…maybe your guys are “dvd freaks” but Im not and I don’t have the time to screw with this crap over and over. Its my right to post my post and bitch and Im going too. If there is something wrong then fix it Pioneer. My old Sony works just fine. If I wanted to burn at 4x I would never have bought this drive. I did my homework and it burns 85 percent coasters. I have every damn right to bitch and Im going to and Im not going to apologize for being frustrated with this piece of crap.


And it’s my right to close threads that are non-constructive, and I’m going to. :slight_smile: