I hate Roxio! Help please - as they can't

Long story short as possible…

Had terrible problems with Roxio recently :a Turned out it was IE7 so spent £50 on upgrade to V.9.
Can’t get onto the Roxio forum, although it recognises my email address as registered, tried password reset etc., and even my email to support was returned as undeliverable :eek:

Made 2 DVD’s so far, 1st one OK but took a while to re-learn everything, 2nd one a disaster :confused: - although my added background music plays on the preview within the program, when the DVD is burned it’s not there??

Any thoughts, help etc., appreciated. My new grand daughter will be at school before I get this first footage on a disc :o


Just a couple of ideas.
First, try using Firefox 2.0 from Mozilla-free and stable. I almost never use IE7. It is true that some software companies are using it for their program updates, etc. IE6 may work out as well and you can revert to it using the uninstall feature in IE7-However be WARNED that Microsoft will repeatedly offer the upgrade, for reasons that become apparent over time.
Second-I have left Roxio and Nero and only use Ashampoo Burning Studio 6-very reasonably priced and efficient for most every task I have thrown at it so far. The price is less than the upgrades offered by either Roxio or Nero.
That’s my 2 cents

Thanks for the thoughts jc but now I’ve bought the upgrade I’m reluctant to throw in the towel :disagree: (well just yet anyway)

I just need somebody who uses Roxio (there must be someone :iagree: )
to tell me what I’ve done wrong

You don’t have to go that far Stewart. Just try my first suggestion and see if that fixes it. Also, have you considered using something like Yahoo for the e-mail issue? I have been using this for some time without issues.
Good luck

Just curious… am I being over suspicious, or does the fact that there’s no specific section for Roxio in the forum listings imply that I’ve bought a turkey and should try one of the ones listed as a better bet??

My email is fine, it’s Roxio’s ‘help/support’ address that doesn’t work - I didn’t make that very clear sorry :o
As for Firefox, I have used it in the past but it doesn’t work with my internet banks - they aren’t set up for it - and it was a pain switching between the 2.

IE7 is OK - it’s got the tabs at last too, it’s Roxio that’s the problem.

I do understand your frustration. I also forgot that you are not in the USA. I have no issues with the banks over here using both IE7 and Firefox 2. It is really a surprise to me that Roxio has taken its site down. You might want to try reaching them at www.sonic.com. Roxio was bought by them last year. The big push over here is for folks to buy Creator 9, btw.

Had terrible problems with Roxio recently Turned out it was IE7 so spent £50 on upgrade to V.9.

I’ll try that web address thanks.

Anytime. Let us know how it turns out.

It didn’t :a :a - it redirects me to the UK site, and when you enter the product you get right back to where I get stuck.

I’ve now registered 3 times with different emails etc., and no further on.
Their site is as buggy and useless as the software.

Last bump up… is there nobody who uses this software??

I am very sorry for your problems but mosts users on this forum, are not fans of Roxio Software, although that is only a guess, I do not see many posts about it. I have never and would never use Roxio when there are so many other alternatives out here in the forum. Again Welcome to the forum, I hope someone that is familiar with this program can help you.

Sorry that this is a continuing issue as to making contact. I am getting on the site, without being redirected, using the URL I gave you. I agree with Alan1476 that the members here seem to favor other programs. If you paid by credit card, it may be possible to have the card company help you get a refund. Other than that, I have no other ideas at this point. Keep us informed.

Now if only I’d known that before :sad:

Thanks for the replies guys, fingers crossed somebody might come along…