I hate real video

Ok, here’s the problem.

I downloaded a video clip with the extension of mpg, so i thought it would be cool, but no, i find out later that its encoed with real video. So i try to convert it with several apps. Like virtual dub, tmpenc withouth luck. I did a search on google and found an app that can convert from real video, but the only problem is, it can’t figure out the length of it.

I refuse to install real player on m computer, so heres the question: is it possible to convert it without installing real player? Or is there a real video codec i download?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I downloaded a video clip with the extension of mpg

It’s of course a file which does not contain any material which is not free for copy…

Just curious about this, as I too hate Realplayer with it’s constant crashing and ads and little messages that pop up when I’m trying to play games. Is there an alternative to realplayer to play realmedia files? Avi and mpg and all the good formats have alternatives, but every once in a while I actually want to watch a realplayer file…

no it is not copyrighted material. I know what the rules are

i figured it out. I did install real player, :Z , and was able to play the file. I did a little more searching and found a program called EO Video


and it is converting the video clip now:D

After its done, i shall uninstall that other piece of crap real player.

Realplayer doesn’t do all those things. It doesn’t even run in the background for me and it behaves very well. I got the newest version of RealOne btw. But I do agree that the quality is terrible, and since I watch a lot of anime, I encounter it a lot. I don’t think encoding it to .avi is a good idea, you lose quality (maybe filters would help) and maybe get a bigger file size.

I think RealOne is full of spyware though. I dont trust the program especially since it always tries to get you to sign onto their music membership club.