I hate real player

Is there any way to record streaming real player files into .wav files. I have a soundblaster pci 128 and windows xp. It seems to not be able to record directly what is playing. The files I am trying to convert are at http://newmusiccanada.com/genres/artist.cfm?Band_Id=6278. Do i have to make an audio link from my out to my line in ?

Streaming real media can be recorded using STreambox VCR
But then it will be saved as *.ram I believe.

I am interested myself what program can be used to convert this to *.wav

I have not dug deep in Streambox VCR to find if the option is included, but if anyone can tell how to convert this it would be great.

Same applies for streaming video converting to either regular avi or mpeg.

give totalrecorder a try!



Yes, please do consider trying Total Recorder. It’s great! It is a virtual sound card, which stands in front of your physical sound card. It works well for me. Now Total Recorder “re-records” your Real files. I also use Total Recorder for re-recording monaural audio files to stereo ( 2 channel ) format, so that I can “burn” them to audio CDs, that is some files downloaded from the Internet were monoaural and my cd burner program would not burn monoaural audio files.

I understand that it is legal to digitally convert real player files. I recommend that you may also consider trying dBpowerAMP Music Converter known as dMC from Illustrate. Visit those good people at:


His program(s) are mostly modular. The music converter is freeware as are the codecs ( coders/decoders). He does have a decoder available for download at his web site.

Best wishes on your music listening!


guess what. I downloaded total record and it decides to ignore real player. maybe because the music is embeded or something. It records just fine from winamp.

Might I suggest that you check your settings for Total Recorder?

About in the middle of the Total Recorder window box, you should see a button labeled: Recording Source and Parameters. After you click on that button, you should see two main options ( radio buttons ): Software and Sound Board.

Seems like the Software option should work for you? The Software recording option allows recording “before” the physical sound card. Then start Total Recorder recording and next start your Real Player audio stream.

Although it has been a while for me, I thought that Total Recorder could record Real Player audio streams? I remark that this was for an earlier version of Real Player and an earlier version of Total Recorder.

BTW I am using Windows 98 SE for my operating system if that might make any difference in usage.


thanks i got it to work. I think it might be because i was using internet explorer. Anyways it worked fine in opera.

Hi, walt, good to know that you have it working now!

( I looked at your referenced web site, and observed that the music is played back through the web browser’s real player
“plug-in” instead of through the real player application itself. Don’t know if this would make a difference or not… I used to access streaming audio files through real player itself and record by starting total recorder first. Glad that Opera is working for you!

Besides using Windows 98 SE, I am still using Internet Explorer Version 5.00. Maybe a little behind the times though. I tried IE version 5.01 and 5.5 but had conflicts with other applications, etc. BTW my sound card is a Sound Blaster AWE 64, which is an ISA-slot card instead of PCI-slot card. I am considering one of those new Audigy cards in the future or a new PC to boot! )

Best wishes,


Hey, I bet Total Recorder works to record music off the new Musicnet service :slight_smile:

Originally posted by tljenson
Hey, I bet Total Recorder works to record music off the new Musicnet service :slight_smile:

Everything you hear through your soundcard can be recorded with Total Recorder, so also commercial audio streams!


Sorry if i’m wrong about Total Recorder but what is the interest in recording real time especially with 20min+ files? Is there any tool to convert directly without having to listen to the whole file(s)? otherwise for recording just simply use SF, Wavelab or even Creative WaveStudio while selecting wave as audio source and muting other sources.

There is allot of content that is copy protected sound that you CAN’T record. Try it try to record a real audio stream off say Amazon. You can’t. I agree it’s a pain to record in real time but Total recorder catches the sound at the last possible moment. The moment it leaves your sound card and goes to your speakers so it’s able to circumvent most copy protection.