I hate my new Benq 1640!

Well I really need some help now…
I just got a plextor 740a and crossflashed it to BSLB. But my burnings are terrible! I keep getting awful results with yuden T02… and I know its not the media, since my 1655 gives me 97%/98%/99% score on them.
I’m using SB ON/ON WOPC ON and overspeed OFF.
I already tried tried reflashing it and cleaning my learned media codes, but nothing seems to help. I know this burner cant be this bad, but what’s wrong??

Thanks for any input.

Do not scan at maximum, as the standard for BenQ scanning is 8x (the scan at maximum speed is only recommended for CD scanning, and on DVD scanning will skew the results of the actual burn). Rescan at 8x and repost, please. :wink:

Ok, I’m havibg problems with my 8x scan but here it goes:

That PIF mountain looks like a bad spot on the disc. You probably can see if there is a tiny dust or fingerprints etc. Otherwise it’s just a dye imperfection.

Actually I cant see any dust on the disc, and I keep getting these with every burn (although sometimes I don’t get that PIF mountain)…

I have tried defragmenting my disc but nothing… could this be a bad drive?

Bsgd, this is not your drive, but defective media. I have some yuden000t02-00 I bought from Staples in the 30-pk color Fuji-rebadged TY that also have this inexplicable PIF mountain. They were TG001158-0801. They were yellow tops, but showed no dye problems nor anything visible to the eye. For some reason, I always had some minor problems with 1158 and 1159 batches, but the 2 I’ve found so far of these have been the worst (PIF mountains like yours, plus 1 of them seriously failed the Read Transfer (Transfer Rate) test. I once also bought some “Burnmaster” TY from AllMediaOutlet once that were these 1158/59 batches, and had PIF errors from 1.500-5.000, also with no visible dye defects. However, those had been sitting in storage way too long, because that’s what the sales rep told me when I put in for the RMA (and I got full credit on the return b/c of my scanning results being so out of spec for TY burns).

Well I just can’t understand why my 1655 burns them just fine… My batch num ber is TG001162 (SONY 8X) and have been using this for many months now without a hitch. I’ll burn another one from a new spindle here and post back… I just hope this time my 1640 can make me feel proud of it… cause until now I’m not impressed :rolleyes:

Like the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Given your 1655 burns them better, stick to burning them in there. :wink:

Well my PIF has really improved!!! Looks like I’ve got a bad batch. I also burned with Nero intead of DVD Decrypter (dont know if that helped…)
But my PIE now is awful towards the end of the disc (almost out-of-spec)…

Why has my PIE increased so much at the end? And the PIF is OK (though a little high at the end too…)?

To see graphically what happen during the burn, to check if there is a sudden emptying of the buffer or a spike in CPU usage, can you do a burn with cd-dvd speed?

In this way we can see if there is something wrong during the burn that can explain these PIF spikes.

Yes I can, but how do I do it???

Take a look here: it should include all necessary info

Now I really think that my 1640 is a VERY VERY bad scanner… Here is the same disc, scanned in my 1655… So now I have another question: Wich of my drives is a bad scanner, my 1655 or my 1640?

If you have a liteon drive (if not you can ask to a friend), try to do a scan of these discs with the liteon

Unfortunatelly I don’t have one… and I do’nt know anybody who’s got one (actually I have never seen one in stores around here)…


Liteon are good scanners. If you plan to buy a new drive, you may consider to buy a liteon :slight_smile:

My BenQ 1655 and my BenQ 1620 yield fairly similar results, when the same disc is scanned. Thus the 1640 should do that as well.

You should not Scan 16x with a BenQ 1640. Set to 8x and the PIEs at the end should be gone.


Bet that something didn’t go just right with the crossflashing from Plex 740 to BenQ 1640-eh!

Welcome to the forum!! And thanks for your help!

Rescanning @ 8x shows a completely different result. So, I guess my 1655 is a fantastic scanner at maximun speed, while my 1640 hates scanning too fast…
So I think my burns are fine right? Its just a problem with the scanning speed?