I hate MSN and my DSL

yes its true I HATE MSN messenger and my DSL…everytime i log in…i get bumped off …GRRRRRRR

WinXP SP2 right ?

yes …

That in itself is malware…

I think MSN messenger is playing up tonight :frowning:

It is ? I’d like to have that version, no one to play with tonight :frowning:

it is i was 90% through a file transfer :a :sad:

Software forum peeps :wink:

Hmm. I’m not having any problems with it.

I never had a Problem…even with the beta version of messenger…till i got firefox…i know CODE its not a FF problem…arghh it just makes me soooooooooo angry…

what version?

well i’ve had …the 7.0 Beta…and after I uninstalled it i loaded 6.2

MSN messenger? What’s that? I use trillian :slight_smile:
I haven’t noticed any problems whenever I run MSN messenger on SP1a, maybe its just a SP2 thing.

Have you tried to enter the proxy setting?

I can only suggest to try on a clean pc or simply using another client, like Gaim or Trillian :slight_smile:

Hm. At 20KB/s…

How is SP2 malware? :confused:

SP2 is good stuff people. I’ve installed SP2 for many users with very few problems, all easy to resolve. The reason most people have trouble is because they don’t keep their software/hardware updated, they have junk programs running, or they don’t know how to use a computer at a moderate skill level. :iagree:

sp2 is designed to break certain things. not all software was updated properly when sp2 was released - leaving it broken.

I completely removed all MSN programs from the harddrive…I’m not a ‘moderate skill level’ computer user…i just don’t understand the conflict…now green eyes…hit me up…with Gaim

Hm. I use mainly MSN. :sad: