I hate Daemon Tools

To the Daemon Tools creaters, f*** you! I installed DT so that I don’t have to put in different CDs to play the games and use the programs. Well, after I tried to mount the Test Drive Unlimited image on the vitual drive it freezed, I have to restart. And now not only the game won’t work, I can’t load eMule either. I just reformatted two days ago, looks like I’ll have to reformat again. This is just a warning to those who hates reformatting, don’t use Daemon Tools! This shit should be renamed Demon Tools, it’s like inviting a Demon into your comp.

daemon tools works fine for many users. it might be more helpful for you to post some information about your system and possible conflicting software.

it’s ok to be frustrated when you have computer issues, but i don’t think saying f*ck you to the people who spent a lot of time and work creating a program that many people use with no problems is very productive. It might be more productive to try to figure out why this happened so it doesn’t happen to others in the future.

why don’t you go say this on the daemon tools forum?

been using it years not a problem yet :slight_smile:

Please mind your language.[/B]

Daemon tools works great for me. Perhaps it’s the best program in this field. But if you’re not happy with it have you tried other programs like Alcochol 120% for eg. ? I think it’s a great program too.