I "hate" CDfreaks.com - the amount of information here is overwhelming!



Well, actually I hate all the new knowledge that I’ve gained since joining and browsing the threads here. For a couple of years, I’ve been happily burning backups of my dvd collection. Aside from the occasional coaster (that I attributed to bad media or gremlins), I’ve been pretty happy with my results. My burners have all been Pioneer OEM’s with region free fw. Media has been Ritek - and memorex +. Software has been shrink, decrypter and nero.

Well anyways, I come across this website and start to investigate the finer aspects of dvd burning (quality). In the past, if my copy played then life was good. Anyhow I’ve started to analyze my burns with a Liteon 166s and Kprobe and/or cd-dvd speed. My scans come no where near what I see here. My PIE’ typically avg >280 (had a couple of sis-in-law’s Optorite burns scan at over a 1000). My PIF’s never look like the stuff you guys show here. I mean the peaks on your scans show a spike here, a blip here. My scans show solid 2-4 across the bottom with spikes of 15-20 or more. My quality scores have been 70 at best.

I have 2 Benq’s, an LG 4163 and an NEC 3520 waiting patiently on the sidelines. In addition, I’ve stockpiled Verbatim 8x +and -, Taiyo yuden 8x -, Maxell 8x + and Fuji 8x +.
Can I anticipate much improvement? I’ve shutdown all background apps like AV, firewall, etc.

Are my results typical of Pioneer drives with Ritek media? Is all this quality stuff just so much woo hoo that the average person and standalone player won’t even notice? :confused:


Well, show us some scans then. :slight_smile: Do you have any problem reading the “bad” disk after few months? years?


This is typical when you scan discs with a DVD-ROM drive (which isn’t recmmended anyway).

I would advise you to use a BenQ 1620 and CD/DVD Speed for that task … or a LiteOn DVDRW with K-Probe.


thanks for the responses Zevia and Jean-Luc. I’m gonna try to post some scans with this post. Zevia - actually some of my previously viewable backups “went bad” - no longer viewable on my standalone Sony. Unfortunately, those were tossed before I became educated about things. I do believe that those “spoiled” dvd’s were from a 50pk of Beall media that I tried.

Now onto the scans (I hope): All were burnt with Pioneer 107D or 108D; Nero; DVDshrink.

Thanks for your input.

Oh I almost forgot, why can’t I get PO to be displayed? Is this just because I’m using a dvd-rom.


don’t use the dvd-rom for quality scans! i tried that one time with my liteon 165h dvd-rom and the results were completely rubbish compared to my benq 1620…



Another thread title would have been nice. :rolleyes:


If you have a BenQ then do the quality scan on that - your results will be MUCH better, DVD-Rom drives just don’t give “realistic” results.

And, yes, agree on the title - LOL. Don’t be hatin’! :smiley:



Pathetic post subject.


Sorry for the post title. I’ve modified to indicate my true feelings. Hopefully, no serious offence was taken.


At least use CDBremse to lock the scan speed at 4x. Max speed scan really means nothing. Some people says even 4x scan result is a noncense. Hmm… I’m not sure.

My BenQ 1620 just arrived so I’ll plannig to scan my old discs and compare the results with my LiteOn166s scan.


well the liteon 166s comes out tonight and the benq goes in. It’ll be fun doing some scans of burns done on the benq and pioneer. Any problems using the benq as master and the pioneer as slave on the sec. ide. I’ve used the pioneer either way in the past, but I’m new to Benq drives.


p.s. posting this from “work” so I don’t have access to my drive or the literature that came with it. In fact, I haven’t even opened the box yet.


benq prefers to be master…so its a good combi…btw use a flat ide cable please…dun use rounded cables…


Well I hooked up the Benq as master with the Pioneer as slave. I am using some pretty good round cables that came with my Lanparty B. If problems arise, I’ve got plenty of flat cables to swap in.

I’m running a scan as I type this. I have the speed set at 8x (too high?). I have a question, though, about what the difference between the speed setting of 8x and the “speed” listed in the lower right corner. The speed is listed at 0.8x roughly. Is this normal? I checked to make sure that I was running in DMA mode. How long should it take to run a quality test with CD-DVD speed? Also the quality score at this time is “n/a”. Does this not display till the end of the test? :confused:

Thanks again


you have an older version of CD Speed…get the latest one 3.70


or get teh current one from www.cdspeed2000.com



well just take note of the ide cables…


I love you guys. I’ve downloaded the new version and will let you know how it goes. :smiley:


it is now 3.70 there and nero infotool 3.0 is there as well.:stuck_out_tongue:

ya really need to keep up wit tings! :rolleyes:


well I’m running version 3.70 of cd-dvd speed now and I’m running the disc quality test. The only thing I notice that’s different is there are more speeds available (I’m running 6x now). The “speed” on the lower right corner is still low (0.6 to 0.8x). Is this normal? The disc quality is still labeled as “n/a” - does this display after the end of the test? What’s the normal time to complete a scan? Sorry for the noob questions. I don’t mind waiting if this is normal.

Thanks again :smiley:


You should be able to burn at 8x. Disk quality test is under Tools and the speed is in the next menu to the middle right. Make sure it’s point to your DVD burner.