I had to Remove AnyDVD after problems and I clicked remove registration info as well



Sonic was giving me problems with Verbatim DL DVDR media.The Top DVD Picture icon showed the Movie in drive D and the Blank in Drive E,BUT,when I clicked “burn copy”,the message “insert blank media in drive E”,kept showing up.I then tried a Single layer Memorex Blank DVD and it worked.I then Uninstalled AnyDVD(Newest version)and it asked me if I wanted to remove everything including registration info etc and since I wanted a clean install,I clicked yes.Then when I re downloaded

it went into the demo mode.KNOWHERE is there a place for me to enter my registration key since the I choose remove everything,when it prompted me to.Anyway,the reinstalled version now with Sonic will burn Dual layer Verbatims,so I guess it was an AnyDvd problem and not Sonic.The problem is I know my Key number but how and where do I enter it?There is no folder for it.I emailed SlySoft with no repsonse.PLEASE HELP!Thanks.I also have Clone DVD2 and Clonecd I purchased with AnyDVD a year or 2 ago and love them as well.


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do you not have any of the emails from slysoft saved to a floopy or cd as what SS says to do in the emails sent.

can you use the search feature of your email client to look for these emails or have you deleted them.

other than that a PM to Tom Xiang could help you out :slight_smile:

include all the info you can to help him out


Try https://secure.slysoft.com/lostkey.php


Wow,Talk about service!Thank You! :slight_smile:


TechGuy100, AnyDVd is registered using registry file that Slysoft the first time you buy it. You can’t register entering #'s like others program. So you need to save the reg file that slysoft sent you.