I had to do it! Please help! AP: Band Camp!

i’ve never had a problem backing up my movies before but i clicked on the extras folder in dvdshrink and got that dude with his pole jumping side to side. I’ve read alot about this Sony block and only now has is been a bother! When i shirnk it Dvdshrink has an error and closes so i used DVDfab an that worked fine till i had to shrink it. DVD shirnk keep closeing on me.

Help me please!

There’s a new 1 click App called ripit4me (use google to find it). This program requires that Dvdshrink along with Fixvts and Dvd decrypter installed on your PC these are all Freeware Programs.Once you have all the above then your problems should be solved.
Good luck.

ivanhoe your the man!

gonna try it right now thank you!

Worked like a champ thank you!