I had to boast; LG 4163B scan on MCC



Well I never expected this as I have not been a fan of CMC made MCC -R media. On my NEC I always get a peak at the end. But I was blown away. The scan says it all. I was soooo close to zero PIF. I know the burn wasn’t quite to the end but I still am impressed.

Burned at 8X on LG 4163B, firmware A103.



I’ll take a pleasant surprise anytime over the other kind.



Is There Any Chance That You Could Run That Dvd Thru NeroCD-DVD Speed v3.75?


I assume you want a transfer rate test. Which drive would you like to see it run on?


Here is a transfer scan on the LG. It is the best reader I have.


Sorry I Referring To Disc Quality Test In NeroCD-DVD Speed v3.75.


Here you go. Statistically, these scans are the same.



Very Very Nice :iagree:


i just waiting for the GSA-4165B…but my LG 12x doing good job for me at moment…


Pretty good indeed…here’s how CMC MCC02RG20 fared on my recently-acquired (as in yesterday) 4163B. This was a CD Speed 3.75 Data Disk burn. My PX-712A can do under 20-PIE on these as well so it must be a particularly good batch of CMC MCC.


Failed to look into this thread before. At first, I wondered if you posted a CD-R scan because it seemed there’s no red line on the second graph for C2/PIF.


I wish all my red lines were this hard to see. :slight_smile:


Though I’ve burned thousands of DVD media myself so far, never had a scan looking that good.


That scan will be inducted into “Hall of Fame”


I dont have many luck with this media
here the scan:

Burned at 8X on LG 4163B. firmware A103


Some is Prodisc, some is CMC and some is made in India. It seems to be the luck of the draw. As well, most scans show a sharp rise in errors either at the beginning, at the end, or both. I don’t get this stuff anymore either.


There are also Made in Japan Mitsubishi and Made in Singapore Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Chemical factories in Japan first send samples to drive makers. So those were used for some of the first tests of GSA-4163B. The Indian company uses their own MIDs as well, too similar to MCC MIDs like Philips with Nanya and Sony with Daxan of BenQ. Simple solution: get Blu-ray made in Japan (Hitachi or Mitsubishi or TDK or JVC.)