I had a GSA 4120B

Hi can anyone help a totally incompetent newbie

I had a GSA 4120B (on IDE2) but something happened to it,
I can update (and reverse) the firmware. NeroInfoTool will make a report on it. But it is insistent there is no media present – when it is, this can be Blank, Audio, Data, VCD or DVD discs. Nothing is seen. I have changed IDE cables swapped Master to Slave. Every configuration I could think of. The last things I can think of are:

1/ The EEPROM has been re-written or corrupted.
2/ The reading laser has died.

To further complicate things, I live in rural Thailand, the electricity is not consistent and this could have been the cause – but I have a stabiliser now. I have to travel 20K to a internet café to get on-line, then I can only do so when somebody else goes so I do not go that often, then I am limited for time.

Any advice would be really appreciated


You mean your GSA-4120B suddenly stopped reading any kind of optical media? Can’t burn either? Should send it back to the place you bought it from or someone responsible for your drive warranty.

10K = 10,000 meters?

Wow Kenshin You are quick

I bought it in Hong Kong thats many more Kilometres away. yeah 10 K is 10,000 Metres

I have a Canon Izux500 camera bought in UK with a E18 error (common fault), Canon Thailand wouldnt repair the thing. therefore i think LG Thai will have the same stance.

Thanks for promptness


I had similar problem with 4120, although LG service not at all knowledgeable on the phone a new drive 4163 did eventually arrive in the post.

In UK warranty on 4120 is 2 years which is good

I have the same problem with GSA 4120B. After reading the posts it seems the solution is to replace the drive. bad… bad…