I guess I'm an idiot, but

Well, okay, I hope this is the right forum to post in, I’ve run into a bit of trouble with this disc I’m trying to burn.

So I have created a backup of SD Gundam G Generation F(CD1) and now have 3 files, one .ccd, one .img, and a .sub file.

So, using Alcohol 120% I burned the .ccd file. I popped it into my modded PSX, did the CD swap trick like I always do, but the game doesn’t load. Now, other games I’ve burned in the past have worked, but they were also .img files.

So, I’m really wondering how to go about burning this, and is there any way I can get this to work?

What settings did you use to read the image file, and have you tried with Alcohol 120%?

I just said that I used Alcohol 120% to burn the image.

I didnt read it, I burnt it and it wouldn’t play in my modded PSX.

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