I gotta a question

I got an Ipod and a Zune, now I also got this little plug in Speaker that you plug in the Ipod, that little speakers that you plug in the port of headphones in the Ipod, it works with other Mp3 Players also but when I put the music to play on it, the song so really low, like it sounds loud in my headphones and my other speakers but with this plug in speaker, it sounds so really low, is there anyway I can make it louder cause even putting the volume on the Ipod and On The Zune doesn’t help, this also goes to the PSP that the music also sounds low on the little speaker the PSP has, is there anyway it can sound louder or do I still have to depend on the headphones

Are your other speakers amplified?

My guess is that those tiny speakers have no amplifier at all whatsoever, and headphone outs as a rule are much too weak to drive any loudspeakers at all without the help of an amplifier.

I don’t understand by that, my Insignia Speakers for the Ipod, that I connect works good in volume with both the Ipod and The Zune, the Plug In Speaker, it’s a little Plug In Speaker from I Logic that you plug on the headphone port of the Ipod or the Zune

Your Insignia speakers should have been plugged into an AC wall outlet. On the other hand, the little I Logic speaker has no power at all - either AC cord or battery. This is why the sound is very weak out of the little I Logic speakers.