I got the DL blues

yesterday I bout a 25 pack of dual layer disks for 75 after tax, They are memorex brand and from what I have heard should be Ritek, or possibly philips(havent opened them yet) I read on the media forum a user say he had a 25% succes rate with ritek DL.

Im just a little paranoid here, I bought these disks to back up Dual layer downloads, and rentals. then when cheap/reliable/printable/ and made by taiyo yuden in japan dual layer disks are out, I will transfer these and then discard them. I remember when some brands of single layer stopped working after a year.

I am thinking my best bet and cheaper, but more disk clutter, is to split the video_ts files or rar files over two TY01 disks I had gotten for cheap, which would cost me less than a dollar.

when do you think my desire for: “cheap/reliable/printable/ and made by taiyo yuden in japan dual layer disks” will be satisified, or do you think it ever will?

give me your opinion on this, are dual layers disks reliable, I heard someone in this forum say they had several fail burning. :doh:

cheers :bow:

My opinion is the Memorex DL discs are pure junk. :Z Sorry…

I’ve had 4 out of 6 discs fail during the burn process. I had 2 more 3-packs (unopened) that I returned.

I use Verbatim DL discs. :iagree:

Read THIS First!

While reviewing drives I have about 1 readable out of every 10 written discs with ritek DL media.

So for DL media there is only one alternative: Mitsubishi/Verbatim.

Depending on the writer you MAY also have success with Ricoh DL media (RicohjpnD00).

As far as I know TY has no plans to make DL media.